This post is sponsored by McDonalds Canada.

Above photo isn’t from when I was 15. Back then, I had hair on my head, not on my face. It’s from this one time I went back to see if I could still work at McDonalds.

Like most people my age (37?!) who started working when he was 15, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve worked at banks, oil and gas companies, hotels, universities, convenience stores, just to name a few. But there’s always been one job that stuck out. The one job where it feels like I truly remember applying for, getting the job, and then having a really good time working with friends, and that’s my job at McDonald’s. 

Like so many Canadians, McDonald’s was the first place that I worked and I still look back on it so-fondly. 

And whether you know someone looking for their first job, or just looking to maybe reboot their career, it’s now easier to apply for a job at McDonald’s than ever. If you have a Google or Amazon device, all you to say is ‘Okay Google (or Alexa) – help me get a job at McDonald’s!” and with new voice-integration technology, it’s that easy to kick-start your application to McDonalds. From their My McD’s app to the ordering kiosk, McDonald’s has always been on the forefront of making it easier for customers to enjoy their food, but now potential employees can get those applications started with one simple phrase! 

And if you’re looking for a great reason to apply, I’ve got three of them:

Friendship: Before, during and after.
I remember when I applied to work at McDonald’s, it was with my best friend Tanis.  I think she got hired first, and then I joined her soon after. But it was so fun to work at a place where you could spend more time with your friends, all while making new friends.  The flexibility of the schedules at McDonald’s means that you’re always meeting new people, and that you also have the chance to make new friends and see them before or after work too. And as a scroll through my Facebook friends, it’s amazing how many of them are my friends from my time at McDonald’s, all the way back in 1997! It truly is a place to make friends that last forever. 

Smiles are free because it’s easy.
I’ve been writing about McDonalds for a few years now and whenever I do, I always hear from people that used to work there too and are proud to declare how much they love it. The truth is, I’ve always noticed that almost everyone that’s worked at McDonald’s loved it. There’s something about the work culture that people really are drawn to and when they leave, they always have fond memories to look back on. We know how important it is to be happy at your job.  It helps you live a healthier lifestyle, improves your relationships and mental health. Which is why, all these years later, I look back at my time at McDonald’s so fondly. It really is a great place to work! 

Like any good job, McDonald’s has its fair share of perks.  Back in my day, we got a gold card, which got us 50% off at any McDonald’s in Canada.  During high school, my gold card made me the king of campus (at least in my eyes). And since then, McDonald’s added great perks like scholarships. A few years back, I was talking to someone who is still a manager of McDondald’s and she’d actually left twice and came back happily both times. And I believe it.  When I first decided to try working for myself, one of my strategies was to work at McDonald’s. And I would have had no shame about it. The pay is good, the perks are delicious and the people are great. When it comes to work, what more could you ask for?

Actually now that I think about it, OK Google, I have a question….

Mike Morrison