This post is sponsored by McDonald’s Canada

August 16th will be a big day for anyone of the millions of Canadians like me who’ve ever worked at McDonalds. That’s because it’s McDonald’s 50th birthday! I can only hope that I look that good when I’m fifty.

It took a year after McDonald’s opened in Canada for them to come to Calgary, and they finally opened the doors to the first-ever McDonald’s restaurant in the city back in 1968. That location is still open, although it’s been updated a few times since. You can see the first ever McDonalds in Calgary at 507 23rd Avenue NW.

McDonald’s Canada’s 50th Anniversary celebrations kicked off today with an amazing event hosted at this location. This included visits from Ronald, a vintage car, a jukebox, and tons of delicious menu items!

To celebrate further, McDonald’s Canada plans on hosting a special promotion starting on August 16th with special $0.67 cent hamburger, which will be available from 11:00 am to 7:00pm at McDonald’s across the country.

McDonald’s was my first job back when I was teenager in Fredericton, New Brunswick and I absolutely loved it. Actually when I left my fulltime job to write the blog four years ago (still can’t believe that), my backup plan was to go back and work at McDonald’s. Seriously. That was the plan. It still might be.

For me, McDonald’s has always been a place filled with memories. As a kid, I demanded that my birthday party always be held there. As a grown up, I still go there to celebrate, whether it be a cool new opportunity, or the annual Mike’s Bloggity Blog staff Christmas party.

So it’s fun to be a part of the celebration of McDonald’s Canada’s 50th anniversary. In the coming months, I’m sure there will be more special details and nostalgic moments to come. I’m still holding out hope for the return of the McPizza or the McFlurry with Nerds, but until then there will still be lots to celebrate.

Mike Morrison