>So my election piece is coming. The problem? The last candidate didn’t show up for our coffee date so we are hopefully giving him a shot tomorrow. But our editor has seen the piece so far and really likes it. I’m honestly so pumped to get it out there!

Now, on to Grey’s Anatomy. I had a dream about this show. I dreamt that I used to get so excited for before, during and after it. Honestly it was one of those shows that I always thought about and cared about. Then somewhere along the middle of last season, maybe when Meredith pulled a Buffy, I found myself caring less and less. But it was just a dream right? Nothing to worry about. But there was a problem. This wasn’t a dream and I happen to wake up from it about halfway through tonight’s 4th season premiere. Over the summer Grey’s creator promised to lighten up the show. Bring it back to the cases and have a little fun. She must of said this after this (and apparantly next weeks) episode. Could this doctor’s be in a sadder shape?

George is a mess, Izzy answers the door without looking to see who it is, Christina is “fine”, Kovach can’t apparantley grow a goatee and then we have Meredith. Honestly could you believe that she turned her back on her new sister who, as far as we can, is actually the only nice person that works at Seattle Grace? Come on Meredith, it’s not like people are lining up to friends with McWhiney….that’s you.

But do you know what I think happened? They had to tie up loose ends from last year. Wrap up some of the stories and then we’ll be on our little merry way. Hopefully we can see these doctors happy, not dancing naked in front of the window happy, but something close to that.

What did you think? Maybe I’m being grumpy because I got jilted on my “coffee date” with a politician.

Mike Morrison


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