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I’ve only been to Hollywood once, I would never even consider myself someone who knows everything about the industry that excites me the most. (sorry Forestry) But I do know alot about it, I pride myself of my knowledge of most things pop-culture, but everynow and then there are things I will not understand.

For example.

Do you know that Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider made $51.5 million in four days this past weekend? Seriously…did you know that?!!? I do not see how this is possible. Now don’t get me wrong, I like comic book movies, I’m all over action movies. The mere fact that 1 person, let alone, millions of people paid their hard earned money to see this completly overated actor, that pretends he can still be an action movie star, is very upsetting to me. I’m talking Arrested Development being cancelled upset. I just have never ol’ Nicholas Cage. I still get a chuckle that he was originally signed to play Clark Kent in the new Superman movie. Seriously can you imagine. It would have been awful. (I mean worse than it already was).

Nicholas Cage’s career has had it’s ups and downs. Highlights for me are obviously, Leaving Las Vegas and….um…shoot, there are got to be another….oh Moonstruck..yeah I guess. But for every Leaving Las Vegas there seems to be a dozen Gone in 60 Seconds, National Treasures, Wicker Man and Snake Eyes.

I’ve never seen the appeal of Nicholas Cage. He has always come off as arrogant and self-indulgant. To me, he always plays the same character and for some reason or another he has never seemed to want to get his bottom teeth fixed. For the love of all that is good Nicholas, you are millionaire, see a dentist!

Dental hygiene behind, Nicholas Cage reminds me of what is wrong with today’s movie goers. How can movies like his become blockbusters when a movie like Children of Men ($34 million during it’s entire run), which is way more exciting and reviting, remains a movie that most have not heard off? The only thing I can figure is that the people watching his movies are the ones still buying Nickleback tickets.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal of Mr. Nicholas Cage, but I will have to learn how to tolerate him. He is obviously still a force in Hollywood and I have to come to terms with that. That is, as long as he doesn’t run for Senator. Then all bets are off!

Mike Morrison