Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the very first (and probably only) time I will be talking about Maxim Magazine.

If you are in University and are looking to decorate your bathroom with the obligatory Maxim magazine, today is your lucky day!
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Canada (SPHE) is partnering with the always classy and New Yorker-like, Maxim magazine to offer a one-year free subscription with the purchase of an equally classy DVD.   The promo started yesterday and you have to look for the specifically stickered movies.  And since the only free thing I’ve ever turned down was related to a Lohan, I think I might have to buy in!
 The films included in the promotion are a bunch of movies that I have never heard of or wished I hadn’t: Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2, Black Hawk Down, Bobby Deerfield, Bobby Z, Ghost Rider, Half Past Dead 2, Revolver, Rocky Balboa, Southland Tales and xXx: State of the Union. Sadly, Annie is not on the list.
My only question is: Why not Half Past Dead 1?

Mike Morrison