Today I got this really cool email and I wanted to share it with all of you, because I think that Kids Help Phone is one of Canada’s most important charities out there and there has never been an easier way to help them out.

They are launching a new campaign to raise funds for the Kids Help Phone.  I think if we can help out, there is no reason why we shouldn’t.

The South African based rock band Seether and their record label Wind-Up Records Canada have teamed up with the important Canadian charity Kids Help Phone to create a powerful national campaign to aid youth in crisis.
Music fans are encouraged to visit Kids Help Phone’s special website to view Seether’s music video for Rise Above This.  For each view that the video receives, Wind-Up Records Canada will make a donation to the charity.
The one thing that has always kinda bothered me about this kinda things is: why doesn’t the record company just donate the money anyway? But that is neither here nor there.  This seems like a pretty easy way to help out this important charity. And I’m sure that Wind-Up Records is helping out in anyway they can.
As a teenager, I never actually called Kids Help Phone but I remember growing up and thinking how nice it was just to know that if I really needed to that there would be someone there to listen.  And for me, that made all the difference.  Just knowing that if I had to, I could.

Mike Morrison