One of Canada’s most inventive bands in recent years has to be The Arcade Fire.  (I still remember the day they were name-checked on Gilmore Girls.)

Anyway, for years now they have been coming up with creative and different ways to share their music with their fans.  But their most recent endeavor is probably my favourite.

In order to listen to the band’s two new songs The Suburbs and Month of May, you’ll have to spin it yourself, literally.

If you go on over to Arcade Fire’s website, you’ll see a record.  Use your mouse to spin it clock-wise and you’ll hear the songs, if you don’t spin fast enough, the song will play slowly, it really plays just like an old record.  If you are really bored, you can start spinning the record backwards to hear the song in a completely new way.

Such an awesome way to share music.

Check it out yourself!

Mike Morrison


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