I haven’t slept in three days.

Mostly because, ever since I saw the trailer for Avatar, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what the hell the movies was about.  Sure, I could go online and read the synopsis.  But reading?  In the summer?  Exhausting. 
I mean regardless of the confusing trailer, I’m still going to see it.  I’ve made it a rule to never miss a movie where there are blue people.  That is why I’ve never missed an X-Men flick or a Smurf one for that matter.  Of course, it helps that James Cameron is directing it, Avatar, not Smurfs.  Although….
But if you are like me and will see it regardless, but don’t want to fight with all the people who will inevitably be dressing in blue costumes for opening night seats, you are in luck.
Cineplex is giving away reserved seats to a opening night screening of Avatar!!  According to the contest website:
“To be entered into this contest, tell them what you would do if you had this brain linking apparatus and could have your own real life Avatar. Your explanation can include a name, how your avatar would look, and what their skills would be. The more creative your answer is, the better your chance of winning.”

What I wouldn’t give to be the intern opening those emails.  I’m pretty most of the geeks into this movie have already submitted at least six submissions each.  Most of them would probably be their “girlfriends”, yet look like their mothers.  If you aren’t a super-geek, you have until December 1st to become one.
If you haven’t seen the trailer for Avatar yet, be confused below:

Mike Morrison