>I hate leaving messages, I’m never very good at them, and I usually end up singing at the end of them. No joke, I don’t mean too, but it usually turns into song.

I have a friend who is equally bad at voicemail. Sometimes when he calls I purposely don’t answer just so I can hear is his voicemail. They go on forever, include every detail of his life and are soo fun to listen to.

Yesterday I received such a message and I thought I would re-create it for my blog. I don’t know if the humour will translate over the internet, but I find it quite amusing.

This is the actual message:

“Hey Michael, its about uh 430 in the afternoon, or no more than that jesus, probably, I think near 5 uh on um Tuesday….uhhhh after thanksgiving, the day after, I’m just heading home, nearly home actually and I just thought I would call you and say hi, and uh thank you for the message, very nice I did get it, sorry I didn’t reply, I’m not one, I’m not one for text messaging, people send me stuff, I get it, nice, its nice to get messages period. But uh thank you, Hopefully your thanksgiving went well, and I had four days off that was cool, I lucked out for that. Friday till Tuesday. Friend came down with his brother, stayed at the hotel on Friday, then went up to Edmonton. Spent the night, spent the time my older sister her husband and their two kids that live up there, my brother was there, had a nice dinner, blah blah blah it was good times. Came back last night, today worked, and off for another two days, maybe we’ll see you Friday, I have to work at 10am, which means I’m done at 6. Anyway, talk to you soon, call me again if you like. Call me at home if you like. Bye bye.”

Mike Morrison