Mondays suck. That’s no secret. But this Monday Hollywood seems to be banding together to make sure Mondays don’t suck…as much.

First you may have heard of the much talked about small screen debut of one Britney Spears on a new episode of How I Met Your Mother. The clips that I’ve seen actually make it look pretty funny. Better yet the episode will also guest star Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) as Britney’s boss. But mostly I’m excited that this hilarious show will finally get an audience it deserves. For all of you think that there isn’t any comedy out there and don’t really get 30 Rock and The Office. This show is for you.
Check it out on CBS and Global at 9:30pm

(And make sure you stick around at 10:30pm for my favorite show right now: The New Adventures of Old Christine)

And in case that wasn’t enough for all of you. MTV finally brings back the second half of the 3rd season of the Hills, 3.5 if you will. While many people got over the Hills last season with all of it’s inconsistencies and fake drama. I’ve simply decided to stop pretending that it is a reality show and pretend it is just a juicy drama to enjoy until the return of Gossip Girl in April. Now more than ever we are feeling the final effects of the writers strike and we will now just have to wait it out. Why not enjoy Lauren and her “friends” making asses of themselves? I know I will.

Mike Morrison