>M. Night Shymalan’s is in a tricky spot.
Somehow, over the past couple of years, the once up and coming director has polarized audiences. Some love him and some hate him.

But can you blame them. He has been all over the map.

The Sixth Sense: A great picture. Me and the world loved it!
Unbreakable: Cool. But it wasn’t the Sixth Sense.
Signs: This one really threw people. Some liked it (me), some didn’t (pretty much everyone else).
The Village: I was literally the only one who liked it and didn’t guess the signature surprise ending. It also exposed my unexplainable fear of all things Adrien Brody.
Lady in the Water: Didn’t even waste my time. And I have a lot of time to waste. So I think that is saying something no?

It’s become obvious that either M.Night Shymalan is losing his way or we just expecting too much of him. Hell, even Spielberg made A.I.

This past Friday the trailer for his next movie was released. It’s called The Happening and stars Mark Wahlberg. No, not the host of Moment of Truth (I wish!), but the actual actor. I’ve watched it a couple of times and I’m not going to lie when I say that I’m a wee bit nervous for good ol’ M. Night. First of, I hate when the trailer doesn’t even give you a hint of what the movie is about. Is it because not even the people cutting the trailer can figure it out? From the looks of it, it looks like people are struck with a sudden epidemic of shocked looking faces and leaving their mouth open. But I could be wrong about that. And can we just acknowledge the lame title? Really, that’s the best you could come up with? And how do we feel about Turk from Scrubs as a train conductor?

But I’ll let you decide all this for yourself. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

***still writing from the 18th floor over looking Vancouver***

Mike Morrison