>Canada is great for many reasons. We have four complete seasons. Apparently Michael Moore likes our healthcare and I don’t care what you think, I love the loonie and twoonie. But with the new TV season in full steam I have a whole new reason to love my home and native land.

Since the canadian networks pretty much blow at creating their own shows (aside from Trailer Park Boys and Degrassi), the CTV, Global and City TV usually fill most of their schedules with American shows, the benefit? Sometimes the canadian networks can’t air the shows the same times as their american counterparts, so on the rare occasion us canucks get treated to shows earlier than we should.

This fall season we have two such occasions. CTV has some how secured the rights to air two of the seasons best new shows, Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies a night before the Yankees.(In Gossip Girl’s case, by best I mean trashiest). The reason this makes me so excited is that after watching the Pilot for Pushing Daisies this weekend I can safely declare it is my FAVORITE NEW SHOW of the year. It is the perfect mix of Wonderfalls and Tim Burton’s Big Fish. The characters are so charming and the concept is so unique. Last week I mentioned this show because I thought a show this creative has no place on network TV, but it was also last Wednesdays highest rated 9pm show. So as long as that audiences sticks around, we should be ok. Will you watch it? Pretty please.

Having the shows air earlier also helps clear up my Wednesday schedule which already getting pretty full with Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Back to You and Top Model.

Mike Morrison