>Here we are night 4 of Season 7 of American Idol.
I like these hour episodes a lot more…dont’ you?

Things you learn at 9:02pm. People want to be like Clay Aiken. Who knew? It’s too bad that it was soooo over the top because you could here that he actually had a decent voice. Yet another strike against over acting. Damnit.

9:07 DeAnna will mess you up with a baseball bat. Please don’t mess with her. Also, did you catch that Simon would like DeAnna on her knees. Nice.

9:12 AmericanIdol.com message boards!!!!! Why didn’t I think of that!!?! Stupid match.com and Craigslist Casual Encounters…..um….I mean….back to the show.

9:13 Are there going to be any good singers tonight?

9:16 I always love when they both give siblings golden tickets. It sets one of them up for the awkward “I made it, you didn’t” conversation. It gives me something to look forward for Hollywood Week.

9:24 I miss Carrie Underwood.

9:26 What is this? Another person announcing to the world their virginity to the entire American Idol watching audience!?! What is with this season? Did the producers pick up a bible or something?

9:29 Anyone notice that Paula doesn’t actually look at Simon when she talks to him?! Sometimes it’s unclear who exactly she is talking too!

9:34 I like when London said that she was a fulltime musician. Because although she is an amazing singer, from the looks of her parents house I think Mrs. London is fitting the bills.

9:44 Holy Shit Lindsay Goodman can fly a C-17!!! I struggle with my Saturn! I can’t believe they said too her. They have sent through waaaaaay worse than her!

9:47 And they didn’t let Aretha and her…um “girls” through either? Yeah it was a bad song choice, but I thought she was a lot better than the judges said!

9:56 Yikes South Carolina is not proving to be a good 1st time stop. But at least we got a cool musical montage with a catchy tuned called “No!”

9:57 Oliver Highman (say it aloud)….are you kidding me? That’s not really someone’s last name is it?  Really? The entire episode was pretty much dedicated to him and his new daughter Emma Grace!!! Man, I want this hour back!

I know that American Idol likes to put it’s name on any product, but an Idol Baby?

I can’t take much more of this.
Next week it’s Omaha, Nebraska!
Isn’t that the guy running for President?

(Also on TV Ryan said that Idol is back tomorrow night. He is a liar. We get two hours of Are you Smarter than a 5th grader. Bad Ryan, bad.)

Mike Morrison