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This week is typically hard for single people. Everywhere around us there are signs of people in love. Not even Big Brother is safe anymore! The fact that it isValentine’s Day is inescapable! But really what is there to be upset about? Being single around this time of year can actually be a good thing:

1. You don’t have to buy gifts for anyone. Think about it, normally you’d spend about $50 on your significant other. So what are you going to do with that $50 now that you are single? Spend it on yourself of course! Buy that DVD boxed yet you’ve always wanted. Or get that hair cut you never could afford. Make Valentine’s day all about loving yourself (yikes, that doesn’t read well).

2. You know how on Valentine’s Day how your date always forgets to make reservations and you end up standing in line just to get table that ends up being by the kitchen door? Well, if you don’t have a date you can stay home order in that extra large pizza with anchovies and pineapple and enjoy Survivor all by yourself! Trust me, I do it every week, it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling (and cheaper) than you might think!

3. It’s Valentine’s Day. Just after work. Everyone is running around fighting traffic trying to buy that “original” gift or those special flowers and where are you? Already home enjoying that bubble bath with candles and a great book. When you trade stories the next day with your co-workers, who do you think will jealous of whom?

4. There is nothing embarrassing about being single. But for some reason your parent’s think there is. Milk it. Act sadder than you actually are. You’ll be surprised what you get out of it. At the very least, if you are acting like your sad about being alone your mom will stop bugging you for grand-children…..at least a couple of days.

5. And if all else fails find a date….any date. I mean really if there is going to be a day dedicated to love, you might as well get a free dinner out of it! My suggestion? Order the prime rib its to die for.

Mike Morrison