>It’s happened. Finally. I know many of you put it right up there with me getting a full head of hair. But I’ve fallen in love. Unfortunatly, for some, it may be a bit uncoventional, but it is love none the less, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been hanging out and now I feel the time in to announce my true feelings and intentions. The subject of my desire is none other than then the promotional ad for the upcoming third season of Grey’s Anatomy. You know the one, starring “How to save a life” by The Fray. it’s true. I Michael Morrison am in love with a TV commericial. Don’t laugh, don’t mock. “You don’t know me!”

The following is a love letter that I have written to my new love. I feel comfortable enough to share it.

Dear Grey’s Anatomy Promotion Ad,

When I first saw you with your curvy flashbacks and revealing scenes I knew it was love. But I am not one to fall in love quickly. I was naturally cautious. Soon I began seeing you everywhere. On my TV, youtube and just the other day I was emailed a site completly dedicated to you. Now I know that there is no way I can feel this way, without you feeling at least a little bit of the same. I find your clips addictive and desire to be around you all the time. How can you toy with me this way, I can only hope that when the GA comes around (SEPT.21st!) You’ll still be around to keep me company. When I don’t see you, I feel lost. Other ads try to get my attention (I’m talking to you Ugly Betty and 6 Degrees) But I will not be swayed. You taunt me with your clips of Addison crying, Dr. Torez dancing, Izzie still crying in her prom dress. Some may not understand our love, but i do! Please never leave me.

Forever my love,


Do you want to include your love letter here too? Feel free.

Mike Morrison