Wow this blows.

Some how on my way to the hockey game tonight, I lost my Iphone. Decide what is more shocking, that I went to a hockey game, or that it only took me three weeks to lose my Iphone.

I am currently devastated. Mostly because I really don’t think I deserved to lose it. I was sober and walked through the park from my house to the train. Some how, I dropped it and didn’t notice. I don’t even have a great story like leaving it in the bathroom of a strip bar or tatoo parlor. Just in a park.

I paced the park countless times. The times I cried, however is not countless. Three times. Well four if you count the tears streaming down my face as I write this post.
Seriously. I’ve lost my phone. I leave for home tomorrow. I have no clue what to do.
I know I’m supposed to pray to some Saint. But I can’t think of his name. This is devastating. Please someone have my phone, please please please.

Mike Morrison