I’ve been thinking alot lately about getting old. Well, maybe not getting old, but certainly being older. Trust me there is a difference. It think about this every time I hear people talk about shows or music from the 90’s with that fond memory tone in their voice. “Remember when….” I was also thinking about this when a couple of weeks ago Boyz II Men did a show here in Calgary a couple of weeks ago and everyone wanted to go, not because they respected the group, but because it was nostalgic, it was funny. I was so confused by this, I mean wasn’t just last year that I was listening this former super group when they were all over Top 40 shows Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40.

This happened again today when my friend Erin sent me this link. It was a writer for MSN who had decided that it was time to look back on the 90’s and pick the decade’s best (guilty pleasure) shows. While not the most original idea, it struck me funny that there was a list like this already…..wait what…it’s 2007! Sheesh.

The list goes as follows

10. Boy Meets World
9. Mad About You
8. Home Improvement
7. Saved By the Bell
6. Ellen
5. My So Called Life
4. Ghost Writer
3. Beverly Hills 90210/Melrose Place
2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
1. Seinfeld

Is this not the best list ever!? I mean really look at it. I’m so happy that I am not the only one loved Boy Meets World. Thanks to the Family Network airing repeats, I can confidently say that this show is still one of the most accurate American portrayals of teenage life. It’s mention on the list also harkans me back to the days of TGIF. Who among us doesn’t remember staying home nearly every friday night to watch classics like Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Step by Step.

I also remember really enjoying shows like Ellen and Mad About You. However, now when I watch these shows in repeats I’m suprised that I watched these shows as a kid. I don’t think I even knew what half the jokes were about? What’s sex? Why are they sharing a bed. Wait I thought Jeremy Piven was bald?

When I think about shows that I used to watch with my mom, I immediatly think about Home Improvement. “More Power!” Also Tim’s TV co-host Al Boreland always reminded me a little bit of my Uncle. This show is still one of my favorite. BTW, did you ever see what happened to little Mark Taylor (Taran Noah Smith)

Number 4 and 5 on the list are a little lost on me. Not because I don’t think they belong, but because I was only 12 and I could only watch so much TV! Same goes to Seinfeld, I was never a fan. I’m still not. (Don’t be hatin’)

Being from the East Coast, the Fresh Prince of BelAir was pretty much my only experience with the “urban” way of life. Let’s just say it got me beat up….A LOT! Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who can still sing…rather rap the entire theme song?!? This show used to be teamed up with Blossom on Monday nights, whatever happened to Blossom? She’s probably hiding under some Boardwalk with Six.

Beverly Hills 90210 was great because it was pretty much Sex Ed for my generation. Luckily I had Degrassi to teach me as well! If they hinted at something on Boy Meets World, I could wait till the next Wednesday and learn all about it on Beverly Hills 90210. I also think Melrose Place is where so many of my intimacy issues come from. Seriously how do you trust anyone after watching that damn show. Kimberly is a crazy mo-fo!

Finally there is Saved by the Bell. This show for me was it. I was such a huge fan, I even watched the several seasons of “The New Class” just to get my Mr. Belding fix. And what about The College Years? Maybe one of the worst shows ever, but I don’t care. It gave me just the littlest bit of Lisa Turtle and I am OK with that.

The list also gave Breaker High Honorable mention and I would like to a couple to this list.
Party of 5
Full House

What would you add to the list?

Mike Morrison