>The Top 12 Women take the stage tonight and hopefully show the guys how it’s done.

Stephanie Edwards was a great way to start the show! A girl on her knees in the first 5 minutes? That’s Simon’s kind of American Idol. I agree with Simon…she “blew” the guys out of the water!

Amy Krebs suffers from look-a-like Idol. Seriously, I can’t tell her apart from some of the other idol finalists. But her singing my favorite song is a good way to win me over. It’s creepy how often I find myself singing “I can’t make you love me” to myself. I’ll give her props for making the song her own. Here Amy…take your props.

Leslie Hunt, Was there something wrong with her hips? Oh what’s that roomie….oh she’s dancing? Oh. It looks like it hurts. “You make me feel” forgetful Leslie…have we even seen you before? To me? An easy song, safe bet. Next. (in a British accent)

Sabrina Sloan, I fell asleep during your intro. Tell me when you are done please. Oh wait, now you’re yelling/singing at me? I liked how the camera panned to a jealous Stephanie Edwards. Oh American Idol producers, you love awkward moments. And so do I!

Antonella Barba is up next. She apparently didn’t listen to Sabrina’s “I hate ballads” rant. Bad timing. Definitely bad timing. You know your audition went bad, when Paula and Simon tell you that you are pretty, and that’s it. “Um…yeah..it was…um…you’re pretty.” Nice.

Jordin Sparks. I actually knew her name without waiting till it should up with her phone number. I’m impressed. Give one reason to….remember any of the guys performances. Seriously these girls are kicking the guy’s asses! Also who was sitting beside Jordin’s mom? Was it: a) her other lesbian mom or b) her brother. Guesses?

Side note: In my hometown there is a musical family called the Tranquillas. Even though there last names are different, are they related to Nicole Tranquillo? Probably not, but neat none the less. At the start of the song, it sounded like 4 different voices were coming out. I don’t know if that counts as a talent or not. Oh and Nicole, your parent’s dancing is not a talent. It’s not even close.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m so bored right now. I think 2 hours of Idol is too much, at least if the performances stay like this.

Did Haley Scarnato just come from prom or a beauty pageant? Oh I remember her, she is the one that dresses like a slutty slut slut. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Oh no, not Celine! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do people think they can really out sing Celine? You can’t. She is Celine! Also, what is up with your arm? You are going to hurt it.

Melinda Dolittle obviously stole the show! I have this dream where I some how become a doctor, marry Melinda and then convince her to let me take her name instead of taking my name. That would make me…that’s right. Dr. Dolittle. Ahh to dream the impossible dream.

Alaina Alexander, joins the ranks of Amy Krebs and Leslie Hunt. I just cannot tell them apart. I mean really, as you are reading this can you pick her out in your mind? Probably not. Unless you are her parents, and if you are and your reading this…Hi! I think your daughter is very pretty. I’m sure she’ll have a great time watching the show the from the audience next week. Also, did you notice that her parents barely uttered a “Boo” after the judges weak remarks.

Gina Glocksen is tonight’s second dental hygienist. I’m not sure what it means, but because she has pink hair, she’ll at least make it to the Top 12 and consequently the Greatest Hits album. (Does anyone actually own any of those CDs?) Did anyone hear Randy call her a big girl? Really Randy? Gina really does have a great personality!

Oh thank god, one more to go!

LaKisha Jones is going to sing “And I’m telling you”!!! I’m so excited! She obviously has a great story, she is someone who deserves this. You hear me you voting Americans, don’t screw this up! (Anyone remember when Bianca sung this song on America’s Got Talent? I think Simon makes a commission off of it!)

Well that’s it. It’s done.
Tomorrow we’ll lose four of these “superstars”

Who will it be?

I’m guessing….
1) Amy Kerbs
2) Antonella Barba
3) Jared Cotter
4) Sundance Head (in a perfect world) but probably Paul Kim.

Mike Morrison