Presented in Partnership with Alberta Depot

Did you know that it’s Waste Reduction Week here in Alberta?

And for the rest of the week, Calgarians have a chance to check out an impressive piece of art that celebrates the beauty of recycling.

Make sure you find some time to head on over to Market Mall, where you’ll find a special piece commissioned by Alberta Depot. The piece is called Return, and was created by three local artists Jeff de Boer, Cory Barkman and Christine Pedersen. They used about 1,500 containers to create a stunning large tree sculpture that has to be seen to be believed. That’s actually about the amount of containers a household in Alberta uses, so it’s neat to see it from a different perspective. It also makes you appreciate truly talented artists, because there’s no way I could do that with the containers I have stashed under my sink.


Made using recycled beverage containers, and standing at an impressive 10 plus feet tall, the sculpture represents the positive community impact from Alberta’s continued commitment to beverage container recycling. It also celebrates the environmental, economic and social benefits of returning beverage containers to over 200 Depot’s located throughout Alberta.

When I swung by to check it out, there were people standing around taking photos and chatting with Alberta Depot representatives, and those conversations would eventually turn to the importance of recycling. You gotta love art with a message. Albertans are actually really good at returning their beverage containers, last year more than 85% of all beverage containers were returned, which equates to over two billion containers.


Return is available for viewing in CF Market Mall. The Alberta Depot team will be on site with more information and giveaways. And make sure you check out Alberta Depot on social media for more ways they are giving back by you giving back. (I just made up that tagline.): Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.




Mike Morrison