Anyone that goes to as many concerts as I do, knows that the most annoying part about buying the tickets are the service fees that ticketmaster and livenation charge just to see your favorite bands.  I know what you’ve all said about the service charges in the past and since I’m trying to maintain a family friends vibe for this blog, I won’t be publishing any of those comments.

But on June 3rd, your going to do the impossible and possibly fall in love with LiveNation.  This Wednesday, for entire 24 hours, there will be no service charges for the ticket provider!  That’s right, all the concerts you’ve been procrastinating on buying tickets for just got a whole lot cheaper!
Very very respectable live nation!
Check out some of the bands touring this summer that you can now buy cheaper tickets for:
Aerosmith, Nickelback, Coldplay, Rascal Flatts, Dave Matthews Band, 311, blink-182, Brad Paisley, Creed, Crosby Stills & Nash, Incubus, Jason Mraz, No Doubt, Rod Stewart,  The Allman Brothers Band,  The Fray and The Killers!

Go to livenation’s website for all the details!
sidenote:  Blink 182 tickets have a presale this wednesday.  I’ll have the code for you that morning!
UPDATE:  Just Joking, this promotion isn’t available in Canada.  Boo.  But maybe if enough people get worked up about it, Livenation will change their minds.

Mike Morrison