Is anyone else becoming obsessed with Inglorious Basterds? Okay, well I’m not there yet, but the levels of excitement are bordering dangerously close to obsession. Which is probably not that healthy, just ask the cast of the new Astroboy movie, who have deemed my daily emails “Level 3 security.”

To feed my excitement for the movie and since I’m in the states, I’m going to have to check out How to be a Basterd: Inside the New Film by Quentin Tarantino, which is actually not about the last five years of my life, which have been nothing but inglorious. It’s actually an exclusive 30-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie and it’s going to be airing on THIS TV here in the USA on Thursday 8/20 at 10p-10:30p and 8/22 at 12a-12:30a.
No word yet on a Canadian air date, but MTV had Quentin on last week, so I guess you could always watch that on replay for thirty minutes.
Come to papa you basterds.
Sad/fun/useless fact: I’ve never seen any Tarintino movie besides Kill Bill I and II. Bad blogger, bad.
Thanks to Adam for the tip.

Mike Morrison