>I have been the town of Hanna for exactly 20 minutes and I have already seen a dead deer and the back of a truck (don’t worry I took a picture) and I have discovered that everything, and I mean everything here closes at 9pm. I honestly felt like we were bothering the front desk person at the hotel!

There have been no Nickleback sightings yet, although we’ve heard that Hanna High School plays their songs in between their classes, so while we don’t have to go there for work, we will definitely be making a pit stop!

Since I am now in Hanna, I am pleased to announce that I’ve made it out of Drumheller and no one figured out that I was there. I even saw the mayor at the work event, needless to say I wasn’t wearing my name tag.

Ok, I have to go to bed. I have four separate 2.5 hour trips ahead of me tommorow. Four rural alberta towns, in one day. Ahh the life of a blogger.

Reporting live from Hanna.

(Also friends, I didn’t get one email today. Lillian I expected more. That hurts)

Mike Morrison