For the next couple of day’s Mike’s Bloggity Blog is going to be turning into an American blog!  Okay, well not really, but I’m going to be writing it from Chicago!!!

I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago and when the opportunity came up last week, I jumped at the chance!  I’m so freaking excited to be here and taking in all the architecture….and the deep dish pizza.

And no, I’m probably not going to Oprah, but I might go see Shrek: The Musical, so it is like the same thing!  I kid, I kid!

This is actually the first of a whirlwind trip for me!  Today Chicago, next week I’m in San Francsico, then off to Vancouver, back to Calgary for a week, then I’m going home to Fredericton for another week.  Ahhh the life of a blogger!

Happy Monday everyone, I’m off to explore one of the coolest city’s I’ve ever been too!

Mike Morrison


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