>So here we are, Day 3 of the Junos. Tonight is the Juno Gala at the Telus Convention Centre. What is the Juno Gala you might ask? Well it’s the big dinner before the bigger ceremony and they actually give away 30 Juno Awards tonight. Tomorrow night are the 7 more commercial awards.

I got myself all nicely set up in the media room and it’s going to be a blast! I’m sharing a table with Sympatico MSN, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and CBC.ca/art. Tonight is going to be FUN. OH and did I mention the Open Bar and Buffet? I’m starting to wish I had sent in my application into Journalism school.
Stay tuned………
5:38– SPOTTED: Lainey…from Lainey Gossip! She is way dressed up and looking good. My goal tonight? Give her Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob business card. Yeah..thats right. I got cards.
5:39– If you are in Calgary and thinking of going to the Junos tomorrow night it’s not too late. There are still lots of tickets left. I wonder why when they’ll only set you back $180 a ticket.
5:46– I just got handed some sort of a device. I seriously have no idea what it is. It does have earphones…but that’s all I know. I’ll ask The Post….
6:08– In an effort to stalk Lainy, I got locked out on the balcony over looking the red carpet.
6:23 The awards are just right now! And Matt Babel (Much Music) just walked into the room. I think I am the only one more star struck by the media people.

6:26 So here is how tonight is going to work. The media (yeah that’s me!) are actually across the street from the Telus Convention Centre. The Gala is kinda like the Golden Globes with a mixture of food and awards. Once the winner is annouced they are shuffled across the street to us where we tear them apart with questions about “what they are wearing?” and “how happy they are”.

6:41pm: The shows starts a little late. Host Measha Breueggergosman (holla Fredericton) tells us that she is to blame, simply explaining: “Always bring another dress”. Apparently even Juno nominees have zipper problems.

6:44pm Measha: “I got to see Seamus O’Regan sober tonight for the first time.” Too bad she can’t host with Russell Peters tomorrow.

6:48pm Just one a Gemini at the Juno’s for Best Juno Host. I don’t think tonight will be as try as I think.

6:57pm Rick Campanelli has my card!!!! I mean….yeah…I met Rick…he was cool. I was cool. It was cool. So nice.

7:05pm Juno nominee Jesse Cook performs just before the first round of awards.

7:09pm We have tonight’s first award. Adult Alternative Album of the Year. Every time I hear about this category, my brain can’t help but go to the gutter. Hee hee. Doesn’t it sound just a little dirty. Anyway the winner is Blue Rodeo’s Small Miracle (their 11th album).

7:16pmThe next award is New Artist of the Year and it’s presented by last year’s winner’s Faber Drive. It goes to Serena Ryder (Michelle’s favourite), Serena was also driving behind me in Calgary today. True story. No autographs please.I don’t really get why they are doing this award tonight. Isn’t it about exposure.

7:19pm Blue Rodeo just walked in. Now I have to listen to the show and Blue Rodeo at the same time. This is going to get confusing.
7:22pm Back in the Ballroom. Arcade Fire’s Neon Blue just won for Alternative Album of the Year. Rory Gilmore liked them. That’s all I got.

7:31pm Serena Ryder just came in. “Music is my life, passion my love. I started singing when she was two.” She is as nice and appreciative as she seems.

7:38pm: Measha Breueggergosman just won for Classical Album of the Year: Vocal or Choral Performance and she is soooooo excited. The years are flowing. I’m SOOOO proud of the Fredericton High School Alumni. I can’t wait until she gets back here.

7:50pm I just said excuse me to MuchMoreMusic’s Tracy Melchior. She said; “sure”

7:51pm Also I just remembered that Rick C (yeah we’re tight) said I was funny!

7:56: The awards are still going on. But but I can’t keep track. Sophie Milman just won Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. She urges that all the young immigrants believe in Canada and in their dreams.

8:03pm Looking around the room I count about 25 Macs. I’m even happier with a purchase now.

8:12pm CBC Radio Star Jian Ghomeshi is up to present the award to Artist of The Year. Funny story, I tried to talk to him last night. But I was scared to mispronounce his name so I called my friend Matt and Heidi who told me how to say it. But the time we finished talking I turned around and he was gone! Oh yeah and Calgary native Feist wins Album of the Year. Why again isn’t this award being presented tonight? Isn’t this the top award?

8:12pm Feist‘s acceptance speech is sincere and written on her hand. She informs us that she wrote it in the dark and while she was sweaty.

8:14pm Feist turns right back around and wins Songwriter of the Year (1,2,3,4, I feel it all, My Moon My Man). Hometown girl makes good.

8:29. Daniel Cook just lost out to Jen Gould’s Music Soup. I’m pissed because because Mark Medley from the National Post, who is sitting beside me, wrote this great article about him trying to find something to wear to the Junos.

8:39 I just ran into Belly. No not my belly, new Juno winner Belly for Rap Recording of the Year.

9:05 Jully Black just won R&B/Soul Recording of the Year over my new best friends God Made Me Funky.

9:16: Jully Black just walked into the room. This is going to be great! Just found that she is one of 9 Kids. Wow. Gee I wonder how jealous her brothers and sisters are! “There is only one Jully”, she says. For the next 5 minutes Jully has the press room in stitches. She truly is inspirational.

9: 29Paul Brandt was just awarded the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award. His speech reduced me to “Buffy dying-sized tears.”

9:32 Tear ducts still sensitive Juno winner Serena Ryder takes the stage for the In Memoriam portion of the evening. She sings a beautiful song called “My Heart Cries for You.” I’m downloading her album tonight.

9:40 I just saw Paul Brant is outside! !!!!

9:41 This year’s CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year winner was Tracy Mauric (Director/Design); Francois Miron for Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible. Cause I know you wanted to know.

9:42 Measha accepts the award for them and adds “Thanks for not coming.”

9:46 The night’s last award is Rock Album of the Year goes to…no surprise here….Finger Eleven. Oh wait…Ben from Saint Alvia Cartel pulled a Kanye and rushed the stage before Finger Eleven could get up there. Telling the audience “who the hell are these guys? Fuck you all!!!” awkward.

9:49 The night’s final performance is pretty a musical sex dream in the making. Jill Barber, Blue Rodeo and Serena Ryder.

9:52 Finger Eleven just came into the room and apparently they knew about the aforementioned Kanye moment.

10:00pm I finally got to talk to Lainey. And can I talk for a second how nice she was? And not just nice. But really nice and gave me lots of supportive advice. Me=fan.

And with that the awards are done done done. It turns out the Measha won’t be doing the press conference which is too bad cause I really wanted to talk to her. I talked to her publicist and she gave me her contact info so hopefully we can arrange something soon.

I also need to give a huge thank you to Caras’ TIFFANY ASTLE who has been so nice and helpful this weekend! None of this,and I mean none of this would be possible without her.
Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Mike Morrison