Thank god the Amazing Race came back tonight! Did you watch it? It was probably one of the best season premieres since the Rob/Amber and Uchenna/Joyce days. One of the reasons the Amazing Race is so amazing because it takes normal people out of their normal lives, starves, exhausts and embarrasses them. Because the show does it also provides us, the viewers, with countless hours of hilarious material. Tonight while introducing my new roomie to the Amazing Race, I thought it would be important to keep track of the highlights of this exciting finale.

****Contains Spoilers of the 1st Episode******

-“Karma is a bitch, I’m a bigger one.” The gone to soon Ari. I bet the producers were PISSED!
-“I always have one foot out the door.” Every mother’s dream for their daughter Jason.
-“Oh my goth.” -Goth Kynt. (Let’s hope there won’t be any typos.)
-“Bitches” -Shanna and Jennifer….about the lesbian, married, Ordained Ministers.
-“The Amazing Race is a love letter to the planet” The aformentioned Pat.
-“You are the worst person I have ever met.” Nathan about his girlfriend Jenny. Lucky girl.
-“Two fairies on the ferry.” Kynt before getting on the ferry.
-“I hate everyone” -My Roomate
-“Eat this Bastard” Ari about a donkey. No not his partner. I’m going to miss that guy.

Mike Morrison