I need you all to take a seat. Assuming your not walking while reading the computer, I think you might already be sitting down!

Okay, you’re sitting. I have three shocking things about Avril Lavigne to tell you:

1) Her first single came out 11 years ago. (Find that grey hair yet?)
2) She’s just released a new single!
3) Yes, she’s still engaged to Chad Kroeger.

I’m still not ready to talk about number three, so let’s focus on number two, the single, which actually isn’t that bad! That being said, Avril’s career has been a frustrating over the past couple of years, mostly because she refuses to grow up, even though she’ll turn 30 years old next year. So when I say that it’s not that bad, it’s because I’ve her Avril produce a lot of bad stuff lately.

So it seems fitting the first single off of her still untitled 5th album, is called Here’s to Never Growing Up.   So why do I like it?  Well, at least she’s acknowledging her stubbornness about not wanting to evolve as a performer.  I mean, I guess you have to give her credit for that. Even as similar artists like Katy Perry and Ke$ha have released increasingly more mature sounds, the single sounds like classic Avril, which after more than ten years in the industry, maybe that makes her sound vintage.

The first single could have very well been on Lavigne’s first album, it sounds a lot like the songs that made us like her in the first place.  If you listen carefully, you can practically hear a whole generation of girls walking around wearing neckties.  It might sound like I’m disparaging her, but I mean it as someone who used to really like Lavigne and never understood why the media (Perez Hilton) hated her so much.

I’m happy Avril’s back, are you?  Have a listen.

Okay, now can we talk about Chad Kroeger?

Mike Morrison

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  1. Okay, she is talented, and I can overlook the obnoxious no-talent fiancé issue, but this song is the same thing over and over…. not impressed, Avril… time to challenge yourself!

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