First things first, I know that this post being above the other one is ironic, but it was too funny to actually do anything about it.

This morning I got to join the always enjoyable Unconventional Panel on CBC’s The Eyeopener to talk about the Christmas Creep.  To be honest, I didn’t know what the Christmas Creep was at first.  I thought maybe there was a weird man wondering around in a Santa Claus costume.  But no, The Christmas Creep is actually the term used to discuss the idea that we are celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier every year.  I remember seeing in August that people were Tweeting about seeing Christmas Trees in Costco.  (God I love Costco, Xmas idea anyone?)

So this morning I joined comedian Cory Mack and LeanneThe Ironic MomShirtliffe to talk about if by celebrating Christmas, are deluding the importantce of my favourite time of the year.

Click here to listen to the segment.

Thanks to David, Angela, Jenn and everyone at CBC, always a blast.

Happy (early) Holidays.


Mike Morrison