The time has come to stop shaving your legs.

Ahhh! I’m about to get on a plane and don’t have time to look into this more, but it looks like Calgary can expect Lilith Fair to come to town on June 27th! The Calgary Herald is also reporting that Calgary will be the first stop on the tour!!!!!

This means we’ll either get tons of surprises or we’ll be the “try-out” city to see what works and what doesn’t!
Either way! LILITH FAIR IS BACK!!!!!!
Tickets go on sale on April 3rd!
Other Canadian dates include:
Edmonton- June 28th
Vancouver- July 1st
Toronto- July 24th
And no date has been set for Montreal!
Thanks to Health at the Herald for the tip!

Mike Morrison


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  2. No, *I* feel like a twit, lol. GFC is no longer, and now I use Google + (which is on the right-hand side of the sceren below FaceBook ! Sorry, I should have made the instructions clearer Now, I’m off to edit those instructions

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