>Unfortunatly my part time job interfered with me catching the top 12 guys on American Idol, but I did make it home for Chris’ awkward exchange with Simon about Teletubbies and Il Divo. Chris is a funny guy, don’t get me wrong. But Chris, as someone who considers himself also a funny guy, there is a time and a place and there is also such thing as too many jokes. If you don’t take it seriously, neither will the voters and you will soon be touring with Corey Clark. I’m just saying. Also Ryan Seacrest, you have never in the past 6 seasons been able to burn Simon. Just give it up, he will always have you beat. And where did “Seacrest Out” go, I really like it.

Also, Ladies you are up next. A couple of tips for you. Sing songs that we recognize. It makes it easier for us to remember you around the watercooler the next day. Also, if the song was ever on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack…please please please stay far away from it. Pretend it was a dead child or whatever you have to, just don’t touch it!

But I am excited for them to sing, especially my new best friend Melinda Dolittle.

Morrison out.

Mike Morrison