So after a busy week of friends visiting and ex-vice president’s speaking, I finally got back to my dearly neglected TV and her boyfriend TIVO.

So this is what I caught up on:

Lost: This season keeps getting better and better. And so do the fight scenes. I actually cheered when Jin kicked that un-killable Russian’s ass. Was it better than Kate vs. Juliet’s mud wrestle? No, but nothing ever will be. I guess I just have to trust the writers, they are getting paid to do it. I’m not. Sadly.

24: I’m going to be honest, I ffwd through most of this episode. I’m not really too clear why it is going on this season. I mean yes, I know it has to go for 24 hours straight. But the terrorists have been stopped, Audrey has been rescued and Kim is so far far away. I mean sure that Chinese guy is still running around, but hasn’t he been running around fro like 3 seasons? Enough is enough. I’m going to keep watching, but I’m hoping the writers have something big under their sleeves.

Grey’s Anatomy: First things first, did you notice Dawson’s mom was the big wig’s all knowing wife. Wow, has she not aged gracefully. Speaking of Dawson’s Creek, where is Gram’s. I always liked her. But I’m straying. Tonight’s episode was pretty much setting up Addison’s spin off, which we will be watching next week. (2 hours) Also, we all know George isn’t going anywhere, why do they even pretend. I also loved how Ava pretty much summed up everything we’ve felt about the show. Two words: Soap Opera.30 Rock: So it was the season finale tonight. Luckily we already know that it is coming back next year! (come on Veronica Mars) I forgot all about Jane Krakowski. Haha, why is she even in the credits? Oh well, this show has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I actually watched it before The Office tonight. (Shhh, don’t tell Pam.) It was good to see Sean Hayes again, it seems like forever since we saw him. Also does anyone else ever notice that the music seems so loud on the show that sometimes you can’t hear the words. Is that just me? I do have thick hair.

Scrubs: Did anyone notice that just before 30 Rock started, the NBC voice guy said “the final 4 episodes of Scrubs!” Although ABC has already said it would pick the show up next year if NBC doesn’t, it’s just weird to hear “final episodes!” Well the first of the 4 had Keri Russell guest staring, so they are off to a good start. On another unrelated note, Does anyone have Felicity of DVD, I never really watched it but always wanted. I’m just saying that my birthday is in exactly 2 weeks, so if you wanted to send them my way, it wouldn’t be the worst gift ever. (That would be Conditioner. For the record.)

The Office: “A couple of chickens doing a goat, a couple of pigs watching.” Classic. Try to use it in a sentence. Today. For me, my favorite episodes of this show are when they are in crisis mode. I’m always suprised to see that they are actually good at their jobs. Except, you know, when they are dating high school students. But who hasn’t been there….right….this just got awkward. Also, how could you not love an episode that was very Creed heavy. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure he has something to do with that Elvis/Celine video from last night.

All in all it was a good night. Alot of TV was watched, but I also managed to do the dishes and go for a walk. Man, can my life get more exciting? (please read this as Chandler from Friends)

Mike Morrison