>So it is 2am on Monday morning. I work in a couple hours but I’m just stumbling home from what has been one of the craziest/funnest weeks on record!

Throughout the day today I will posting about:

-Ending up at a Garden Party (must read with British Accent)
-The Vibe 98.5 $100,000 Star Search on Saturday night! (with Video)
-The Results of the Gwen Stefani Facebook Contest
-Meeting yet another Canadian Idol and getting him to do SHAKE FACE!
-A list of things not to do to not piss off your Banquet Server
-Checking out Stage Wests “Canadian Explosion!”
-Also, learning that if you type in “whory housewives” on Comcasts search engine my blog is the 3rd to come up! Yikes.

But for now it is bed. Check back often!

Mike Morrison