On Tuesday morning, I was lucky enough to participate in the 10th Annual Empty Bowl Benefit. The event gathers together a ton of Calgary media and even some celebrities for an amazingly fun morning of painting, all in hopes of raising more than $10,000 for the Calgary Food Bank!

The task was simple: Paint a bowl and then auction it off. Every single penny raised goes to the food bank! I got there super early to do a segment with Jill Belland and Breakfast Television. It turns out that I needed to be there early, because it took forever to paint the bowls! But after more than three and a half hours, my bowl was finally done. I think it turned out quite good and I hope I’m able to raise enough money! Just to be safe, I’m throwing in two tickets to Boz Scaggs. The tickets are valued at $150! Owning a piece of my artistic masterpiece and a night out at a great concert? What more could you want?

All of the bowls will be up for auction on April 26th until May 3rd. (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you to place your bid!)

Here are some of the pictures from the amazing and inspirational morning!

Jenna McMurray (24 Hours) Kelly Doody (Calgary Sun), Jill Belland (Breakfast Television and me with our nearly finished bowls!

Peeling the tape off of my bowl. It got a little…..


The finished product! Once it it put in the kiln, it will be black and dark red.

What do you think? Love it? You can start bidding on April 26th!

I absolutely must say a giant thank you to Lise from U B The Artist Studios. Her business donated all the materials for the bowls to be made and she was also beyond helpful! Plus she knows how to do some really cool stuff, I can’t wait until you see all the completed bowls! Thank you LISE!!!!

Mike Morrison