Things I learned while watching Quentin Tarantino on MTV Live.

1. No matter how unattractive you are, you can make it as a director. This bodes well for many of my friends.
2. If they filmed the production meetings of MTV Live, they would be better than most things on Canadian TV.
3. Q.T is one-finger typer. I didn’t even know people that like existed.
4. I no longer have to be ashamed for listening to Hannah Montana. Eli Roth said so.
5. I would never be a good television censor, this interview made me too nervous. Masturbation, Sex Toys, Stabbing Miley Cyrus oh my!
After months of hype, Inglourious Basterds finally opens next week. Are you planning on see it?
On a semi-unrelated note, I have become obsessed with the new MTV show 16 and Pregnant. It’s one of those shows that make you call screen your mother, even if she texts you saying it’s a family emergency. It’s heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time. Whether it’s Amber who eats Taco Bell while waiting to give birth. Or Farrah, who does her make up minutes after her water breaks. It’s all too much, and I LOVE it. Without actually encouraging teenage pregnancy, I have to say: I can’t wait for season two.

Mike Morrison