I’m broke.  Okay, maybe not broke.  But after a week in Toronto and the two week visit from mommy dearest….well let’s just say I’m jealous of the US Economy.

There I said.  I have no money and there isn’t any sign of Robin Hood showing up any time soon.  So today I’ve started a little experiment.
How long can I go without spending money.  My goal is 7 straight days.  This might not seem like a lot, but I mean it.  Not a single penny.  No eating out, no yummy coffee, no used DVDs or “why does Grey’s Anatomy suck” inspired shopping trips to make myself feel better. No trips to the movies
There are some exceptions.  Mostly the things I can’t control.  So food, I’m allowed buying food, but only from a grocery store.  Parking, a lot of the media stuff I do involves parking downtown.  If possible, I will walk from my apartment, if not, I will have to pay for parking.  There is nothing I can do about that. Same goes for gas.  I have to buy gas.  And I think that is it.  I think those are the only rules.
I really think I can do this.  I need to turn my finances around, of course winning Talk Show Idol 2 would sure help alot!  But I can’t bank on that, haha.  Get it?  Bank on it.  Money=bank.  
God, I’m poor.
Anyone want to join me? Or just give me money?  Whateves, I’ll let you decide.

Mike Morrison