>Dear Downtown Core,

I’m writing this letter to you today because there are some things that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest now for a while.

Every since I moved to Calgary a year and half ago I’ve always wanted to be apart of your life. Being from a small town I was drawn to your big buildings and busy streets. And when we first started hanging out it was great. I discovered Devonian gardens and all the great restaurants you had to offer.

However I think it would be naïve for me to think that that is enough to maintain a relationship. I mean I have had two jobs in your core ranging from the 1st floor all the way to the 46th. There are many great things about you and working from the 46th floor was beautiful, but when is being pretty just not enough anymore.

No matter how fun it was getting lost in your +15s everyday, you have to admit that this, us just isn’t working. Yes, you do have lots of great restaurants, but unless I want to eat at 11:15am or 1:30pm it just isn’t happening. You obviously have more than just me in your life. How else do you explain the crowded Ctrains, the reckless drivers and perhaps the scariest McDonalds on earth?

I need someone in my life that is going to take care of themselves. And as you rip down beautiful buildings and replace them with bigger and taller ones, I cannot help but feel that I too am being replaced.

So it is after a lot of deliberation that I’ve decided to leave you. It’s just not working anymore. You and I both know that. So I’ve found somewhere new, it will be exciting and not as busy. But we will still be close. Quite literally actually, I will just be on the other side of the river. So we will still see each other, we have to.

But I don’t want you to be sad. Think of how much joy this will bring more people. One less person to stand in line at Subway, one less hand holding of for dear life as the Ctrain rips through the yellow light barely hitting a courier.

So as I close this letter I want to say thank you. Thank you for being yourself. You really do have some great stores and every now and then you will find people who will hold the door for you or help point you in the right direction. So I leave you knowing that you will be ok. And don’t forget. We will always have Holt Renfuw.

Yours truly, Michael

Mike Morrison