Wow!  I did not see this one coming.

I’ve gotten a couple emails about this and I honestly had a hard time believing it at first.  But on Friday morning, Meg Tucker from KOOL FM’s popular Chris and Meg morning show was fired/let go. When I got the news, I was more than just floored.  I was really sad because, if I’m being honest,  I really adored Meg on air and I am totally not cool with getting used to not hearing her tomorrow morning.

If you thinking that this sounds familiar, that’s because this is just another change for the chameleon radio station that after three years still seems to be struggling to find its legs.

In the past two years alone, they’ve dumped popular DJ Freeway Frank, brought on Chris Shine, got rid of Tripp West and traded him for Mastermind. They also saw the departure of Ian MacKinnon from the morning show all this while handling a format AND name change!

With so many changes, it’s no wonder listeners are confused.  I’m no industry pro but in the uber-competitive radio market place, listeners want to know who they are going to hear in the morning, if it seems different every time they tune in, they are eventually just going to tune out!

Radio stations are notoriously tight lipped about why they let their personalities go but the loss of Meg Tucker is definitely a huge shock!  I can’t think of a person who un-selfishly shared more of her personal life on air.  Whether it was her battles with weight loss or her painful divorce, Meg’s heart was always on her sleeve and listeners really responded to her. She definitely left some HUGE shoes to fill!

It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the folks at Kool FM.  Especially since Morning Show host Chris Shine is also in the running to co-host Regis and Kelly with the one and only Kelly Ripa!

Thanks for the amazing laugh Meg, I can’t wait to see where you end up next!!!!

Mike Morrison


  1. I’ve got to agree with some of the others… I don’t miss Meg Tucker at all. She was WAY to preachy with her weight loss and attributed FAR too much self-worth to being attractive.

    Plus, if I never have to hear her go on about herbal magic and the latest airhead hollywood gossip again it will be too soon. I understand that herbal magic was a station sponsor but they did to Meg what Kinetico did to Freeway Frank… made them more annoying to listen to then fingernails on a chalk board.

  2. i find it funny that someone here misses tripp, the ryan seacrest wannabe, but thinks that meg was a problem on the show… meg has a heart of gold actually and if you knew her, as i do, you’d get it. the station is going downhill with zero personalities on the air… at least meg was relatable to a lot of people…

  3. I thought Meg was a great morning personality and it sucks she’s gone. I hope she lands someplace better!

    I get nauseated listening to the Virgin/Vibe morning crew – they have no energy or chemistry and sound like a bunch of amateurs doing a radio show out of their parent’s basement.

    Looks like it’s back to the iPod, or invest in satellite radio.

  4. I will miss Meg, not because she was whiny as someone said but rather she was someone who related to the listeners. As to Herbal Magic… they were sponsors of the radio station so it was great that she lost weight and promoted at the same time. She made me laugh and groan at times but always enjoyable.

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