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There’s lots of reasons the holidays are the best of the time the year, and one of them is the you’re able to enjoy some quiet time at home, with your friends, family and pets, without feeling like you have to be somewhere or doing something.

And as many TELUS Optik TV subscribers know, having TELUS makes the holidays even cheerier thanks to the plethora of limited-time holiday offerings from games to daily $1 movie rentals and beautiful TV scenes for your living room, whether you live in a big house or small, or if you’re family is near or far, there’s lots of great ways to enjoy the season from the comfort of your couch.

To see all the offerings, head to channels 10 to 14 on Optik TV. But here are some of my favourites:

The Holiday Aquarium

An aquarium is something I grew up with, but as an adult realized how much work my dad was doing to maintain it. So while we don’t have an aquarium now, we get to pretend we do with the Holiday Aquarium channel. What makes an aquarium holiday themed, you ask? Well, it features decorations that celebrate the season, of course! This is one of those channels that sorta doubles as art and the water sounds of the aquarium are surprisingly relaxing.

Holiday Firelog

What’s Christmas without a digital firelog? The fireplace at my parents house is one of my favourite things, but since moving, I’ve never lived in a home with a fireplace, so I’ve surprisingly become used the idea of sitting around the TV, with a roaring digital fireplace going. I’ve been known to put a space heater below the TV to further enhance the fireplace viewing experience. And if you’ve ever wondered who’s fireplace you’re watching, well it’s actually a TELUS customer named Duane from Wetaskiwin, who won a contest and the right to share his fireplace with all of us without one.

A Kitten Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re like me and want to spend your precious holiday hours sitting on your couch and watching kittens play on the television (While playing with your own cat, of course.) That’s right, one of the scenes that TELUS offers is not one, but two Kitten Christmas special, which features hours of kitten playing in a Christmas wonderland. We honestly have it just playing in the background sometimes, especially if we have parties. Since we don’t have a kid to stare at, it’s an easy ice breaker.

Snow Globe Village

One of my favourite holiday decorations has always been the snowglobe, and now TELUS has a whole channel dedicated to the a wonderful little village, surrounded by falling snow, children playing and even a appearance by jolly St. Nick. If the drafts through your windows are not enough, the snow globe village is a nice way to bring a little winter into your home.

Christmas Tree

Don’t have a Christmas Tree? Don’t worry, TELUS has got you covered with their Christmas Tree channel. A two hour scene filmed with around a roaring fireplace, candles and a beautiful Christmas Tree, complete with toy train going around the base of it. Maybe you didn’t get around to putting up the decorations this year, this channel easily takes care of fearing you missed out, and clean up way easier.

Santa School

Ever wonder how Santa can be in so many malls, parties and places all at once? Well, meet Santa School. Santa School is where all of Santa’s helpers go train and learn to be like Santa. This short StoryHive documentary is available on YouTube as well, shows just how much work goes into representing Santa Claus.

Mike Morrison