>Kevin Federline. Ugh.

I know I’m supposed to hate him. After all he made Britney fat after all….wait what’s that? Oh she had two of his kids? What! Is he like Noah and trying to fill an ark! Wrap it up dude!

Speaking of rap. Ever since the miracle of music file sharing came to light several years ago, I’ve mostly gotten most of my music for free. I realized that I was screwing over artists from their hard earned bling bling, but what was a poor student to do. I still buy CDs, but from only from people that I want to support. I would say 90% of the CDs i’ve bought are canadian artists. I’ve also recently become addicted to Itunes. You just click buttons and you have a CD and the artists get paid! What could be better. As long as I don’t open my VISA bill, then I don’t owe anything! My general rules of thumb for buying music are this:
1) are they canadian (Nelly Furtado)
2) do we have a good track record/relationship (John Mayer)
3) do they need my support (Urinetown: The Musical)
4) is it what the kids are listening to (The Killers)
5) will they make me look cool if I have them on my ipod/cd player (Frank Sinatra)
6) was it on Grey’s Anatomy (Snow Patrol, The Frey)
7) do they hate Bush (Dixie Chicks)

On Halloween, K-Fed, FedEX, KFederation and KFredericton(I made that last one up!) came out with his debut CD “Playing with Fire” I think what Kev was trying to do was break away from the backup dancer mold (ala J-Lo) and from all accounts it was not his most succesful step ball change! For his Chicago concert they ended up giving away tickets for free. You could go on ticketmaster and literally pay the $9 service charge and get to see Kevin for free! Does anyone remember when Tom Cochrane tickets were 2 for 1 in Fredericton?! “playing with fire” didn’t get awful reviews, from what I read, it was worth a listen. KFed was everywhere last week, even showing up on WWE’s Smackdown! None of this helped. His debut CD only sold 6,000 copies! This is EMBARRASING! I’m talking staying home Friday night’s to watch Boy Meets World reruns embarassing. To give this number perspective, last weeks number 1 CD in USA was the Hannah Montana soundtrack which sold 208,000 copies, in its second week! The only thing more embarrasing then the fact that this is the top selling CD in the states is that Federiline couldn’t even convince more than 6000 people to buy his CD. Seriously, I bet if I made a CD with me singing the best of Mandy Moore, I could sell more! More Kev.

What I propose for this Rememberance Day is not only should we remember the vetrans and those who have lost their lives. We should remember Kevin “I honestly think I’ll get full custody” Federline. Because I fear that by this time next year, we will seriously need help remembering him. Hey Kev, McDonalds in Calgary makes RSP contributions. Bienvenue!


~”Lost” is winning me back. Although they won’t air a new Episode until Feb 7th!
~Season 2 of “The Office” is only $29,99 at HMV. Pick it up.
~Why do people want Veronica and Logan together? Go Piz Go!
~This morning I heard “Merry Christmas” as a greeting. Way too early.

Mike Morrison