For better for worse, KFC has just announced that its Alison Sweeny-sized Double Down burger is coming to Canada! Actually, I didn’t want to put an exclamation point but they haven’t invented something that properly represents a puke and a sigh at the same time. How about this: :~0

The now infamous burger is two pieces of boneless chicken that serve as a bun and is filled with two pieces of bacon, processed cheese and sauce.  :~o indeed.  The DD also has the honour of being KFC’s most succesful burger in the chain’s history, arranging more than 10 million funerals in its first month!

Canucks will be able to bite into the burger on October 18th for limited time only.  Which is about how long our diets will be able to avoid the double down and if it’s popular, deep fried clones.   Some Double Down facts: 540 calories and 1380mgs of sodium.

Even grosser than the burger is this quote:
“Canadians have been begging KFC Canada to bring the Double Down north of the border ever since it launched in the U.S. last year,” said Dan Howe, chief marketing officer for Yum! Restaurants Canada.”

Um… have we Dan?  Have we really? (There is a facebook group with a total of 41 members.)  Even if some people have been asking for the Double Down, I think this would be an excellent case of “considering the source.”  Did they call you from the hospital or while they were in line at KFC? I’m sure thousands of people have been asking you to start serving vegetables and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Is there anyone or anyway we can keep this out of Canada? I’ll happily trade the entire KFC franchise for just one In-N-Out franchise!!

Mike Morrison

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  1. I’m with you on that In-N-Out franchise thing. I’ve never had a more consistent, better burger. The fries aren’t so bad either, in my opinion.

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