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I have a confession: I’m not Calgary’s coolest blogger.
Okay, I have two confessions. One: I may have convinced myself that I am Calgary’s coolest blogger and two, I actually know that I am not.

That title easily belongs to the one and only Kelly Oxford. The stay at home mom has become at internet sensation by being…well,  herself.

Her list of accomplishments is impressive:
-Blogging since 1997. (What the hell even existed back then?)
-Mother of three (Salinger, 9; Henry, 7; and Beatrix, 2)
-120,000 Twitter followers.
-A book deal with Harper Collins.
-A CBS pilot deal, to be executive-produced by Jessica Alba.
-Named by Time Magazine as one the world’s best twitter feeds to follow.

All of this culminates into a really great interview with Carson Daly, which is impressive because it’s Carson Daly afterall. I’m hoping you watch the interview and feel a little bit inspired, I know I did.

By the sounds of it, it looks like Oxford might be in LA to stay. So we all know what that means: The title of Calgary’s (self-declared) coolest blogger may soon be up for grabs!

Bring it!

Mike Morrison


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