>I’ve been keeping a secret. A dark one. It happened two weeks ago.

Deep breath, here we go:

I bought Kelly Clarkson tickets. Even worse I joined the Kelly fanclub so I could buy said tickets earlier than everyone else.

Now I’m not ashamed that I bought the tickets, I just felt like I should keep it quite. I feel like I’ve given enough reason s to tease me, why not just let one slip through right?

I like to think I”m a different kind of Clarkson fan. I lived in Spain the summer American Idol debuted so I came home to a new star and I had no idea who she was. She won me over however with her catchy songs and even catchier personality.

I was very excited for Kelly to come to Calgary in September and was even more excited that my fan club membership granted me access to her Meet and Greet!

Then while surfing Perez Hilton today, Perez broke the news that Kelly had cancelled her tour, ironically due to poor ticket sales. Ouch.

Now this news comes on the heals of the bad publicity that Kelly has been receiving lately. Record producers are worried about her new album, My December, and it’s lack of Top 40 potential. Earlier this week Kelly fired her manager and now the cancelled tour.

However, none of this enough to sway my love of Kelly. I know this is just a speed bump, and hoenstly Kelly I couldn’t afford your concert tickets anyway. Now I’m asking you this as a fan, “Do you really think your tickets should be $25 more than Gwen Stefanis?” I mean she is GWEN STEFANI!

From what I’ve heard on your My Space page I’m really going to like your new album, just don’t wait too long to finally make that trip to Calgary, I don’t like keeping secrets.

Mike Morrison