>Every morning on my way to work I radio surf between 5 different stations. They are Energy 101.5, Fuel 90.3, X92.9, 97.7 CalgaryFM and regrettably Vibe 98.5.

I say regrettably because out of the five morning shows, Vibe has by far the most annoying morning show crew, but sometimes I need me my pop music in the morning. But Danni, Fuzzy and new guy Mark continue to grate, especially when you are stuck in traffic. For the most part the only people that think they are funny are themselves. Sarcasm is a type of humor, it shouldn’t be the only you can make people laugh. Anywho, on my way to work, I was listening to their entertainment news and it was filled with two huge mistakes and now I’ve decided to make it my personal mission to correct them any time they make an obvious mistake, especially when it was made because they are just being lazy. Which means, this will probably become a regular feature.
First off:
George Clooney is on ER tonight. Every single media source is reporting it but you geniuses think they are all wrong. I hope some ER fans don’t watch tonight because you told them not to and then they call you all pissed off tomorrow morning.
Second of all: The judges didn’t leave during the Kanye West performance, it was pre-recorded before the show even went to air. Again, it would take one single google search to figure this out. That is why the Idols weren’t on the stage.
Oh this is going to be fun.

Mike Morrison