>I like to think I’m a pretty good roomate. I have two jobs, so I’m never home. If I’m not working I’m usually at rehearsal or at the movies. I basically pay rent so I have a place to rest my head at night. I’m clean and I do the dishes, well I guess there is one thing that makes me not the BEST roomate. I sleepwalk.

The earliest I remember sleep walking was back in Grade 11. I was doing a summer exchange in Montreal and there were like 300 of us in sleeping in the Army gym place on cots. I went to sleep and woke up literally on the other side of the gym. And this was a big gym. I know someone didn’t move me, cause I have remember doing it, I just didn’t have control. (Kinda like the time I was hypnotyzed, that’s a story for another time!). I did it again just a few weeks later when I was staying at my exchange families place. There was this crazy storm and I slept with the windows open. The next thing I knew I was in the living room and water was pouring and the “father” was yelling at me for not closing the windows. I remember thinking 2 things. 1)I’m just waking it up, chill it. 2) Can you please put underwear on.

After that the sleepwalking went away for quite a while. It didn’t rear its head again till my 4th year of university when I moved out to my first apartment with my friends Jordan and Tina, who were dating at the time. I’ve narrowed my sleep walking down to when I’m either really really tired and stressed. This was a super stressful time for me, and I went to sleep and just like it was a dream, I remember getting up going across to their room and going in. They had stereo with a bright light on it, I took books and covered up the light and then crawled into bed with them! Not just in bed, but on top of Jordan. He woke up right away and grumbled something, I, still asleep, mumbled something about the blue light and went back to my bed. The next morning I woke up mortified at the events of the night before. I stayed in bed all morning hoping to avoid them. It was more embarrasing then the years I like to call High School. We agreed to never talk about it again.

There were a couple of times since moving to Calgary. I once had a whole convo with my roomate while asleep, another time I got up, had a shower and got dressed all while asleep. I woke up fully dressed in bed at 4:00am.

Since getting my new roomate, I’ve done it twice. Once I walked the apartment and tidied up, which is weird cause I don’t even do that when I’m awake. And then last night I took all the sheets off my bed and put them all back on again. I think my roomate is worried about me walking into her room, she says thats why she locks the door. I feel like there may be more to that story!

Well I’ll be going home tomorrow for a short chirstmas vacation. I can only hope I don’t open my gifts while I’m asleep!

Mike Morrison