Okay, I have a confession. Before I wrote this post, I went and bought my tickets, because I was so shocked that tickets to Kathy Griffin are only $50, I couldn’t wait an extra second.

Kathy Griffin is the show I thought I’d never see in Calgary, especially for only $50. Seriously, I can’t get over the price.

This morning the hilariously controversial comedic icon took to twitter to announce four new shows in Canada and Calgary (sorta randomly) is one of them. Take that, Montreal

The shows are:

Toronto-May 25th (Tickets)
Kitchener-May 26th (Tickets)
Calgary-May 31st (Tickets)
Vancouver-June 2nd (Tickets)

If there’s enough demand, I bet they’ll add more shows.

Note, the show comes with a warning that it contains mature content, which if you’ve ever seen a single minute of her routine, you already knew.

The tour is called the Laugh Your Head Off tour, which is obviously mocking the trouble she got herself in when she posted a photo of her holding Donald Trump decapitated head.

If you wanna join me, you better get your tickets, because I bet they’ll go quickly!

Mike Morrison