>Did you know that Kate Winslet has never won an Oscar. Absurd but true. She’s been nominated for five Oscars (Sense & Sensibility, Titanic, Iris, Eternals Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Little Children) and yet has gone home empty handed each and every time. And while I’m still upset at her loss for Little Children (one of my all time favorite movies that I can only watch once), I have a feeling that this is her year.

After watching the trailers for her two upcoming projects, Revolutionary Road (Dec.26) and The Reader (Dec.10)*, it seems obvious that she is going to be getting nominated and maybe win finally, but for which project?

Check out the trailers below and let me know what you think. Here is hoping she doesn’t become like Susan Lucci, which would be a shame because…well…you know…Kate is actually talented.

*Mike Fun Fact: The book The Reader, is actually on the increasingly loooooong list of novels I’ve started reading but never actually finished. Not because they were bad but because I have the attention span of 3-year old. Oh well, back to the television.

The list currently includes:
-The Reader
-Jurassic Park
-Gump & Co.
-The last Harry Potter

Mike Morrison