I’ve never made it a secret that I love the Saw movies.  Yes, I know they are stupid and have gone on for way too long.  But if One Tree Hill can be on the air for seven years, I don’t see why canadian made horror movies don’t deserve a chance too!  Afterall I did see the last two SAW movies in the theatre….by myself.

SAW V, yes 5 opens up next week and the movie’s website has got so much going on.  There is actually a restricted part of the website that you have to confirm your age.  And trust me, it’s not for those with weak stomachs or moral compasses.
But the website also offers this cool/creepy feature in which you can get Jigsaw to your friend and leave a creepy message.  And I tested it today and trust me, it’s creepy.  Jigsaw basically says your name and then talks about playing games with you and how you thought it was done but it hasn’t even begun. He even says the name of the person that sent the message.  apparently the messages are so scary that residents in Ontario have been calling the police not realizing that it is a joke.  Anyway, check it out here….if you dare.

Mike Morrison