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Your first time is something you always remember. Thanks to the prevalence of technology, it’s almost impossible not to watch…twice.

So for these reasons and so many more, I was obviously nervous about my very first press conference. That is unless you count the one I went to when I was 6 years old about being a future grad of the Year 2000.

The reason I was nervous was that this wasn’t any regular press conference. This was the Juno/CTV Preview of this weekend’s big ceremony taking place at the Saddledome. Which is already the biggest event that these blue eyes have ever witnessed.

The press conference was a who’s who of Calgary media celebrity. “Look there is that guy! Oh and that girl, who is she again? She knows its quite chilly in here right?” Then there was the actual celebrities who were in attendance. We were first introduced, with quiet groans, to Press Conference host Ben Mulroney, who apparently will just host anything they ask him to.

It was funny to see Ben be just as nervous and awkward as he is on ETalk and Canadian Idol. I mean really, how long does it take one to feel comfortable doing the same thing over and over? Apparently more than 6 years.

Following Ben, we were introduced to Canadian Idol protégé Jacob Hoggard and his band mates from fan favorites Hedley. The band was unusually subdued. Maybe they are getting more mature? More professional? Nah, I think it was because they were up before noon. Either way, it would be impossible to ignore Hoggards charming and comedic personality. Although they promised no surprises on Sunday night (aside from a bright red piano), I have a feeling they might have something up their…well knowing Hedley, you already know where they keep their secrets.

Up next was executive producer John Brunton who introduced the very cool and stylized Juno set as “fossils meet fossil fuels in Alberta.” There are lights designed to look like dinosaur bones and steel drums like look like they were left from the Broadway show Stomp. Like I said very cool.

Following a neat little light show, we were introduced to this years host of Junos comedian Russell Peters. The thing about Russell is that he has never been about the big sight gag, today he proved that his comedy is natural and timed perfectly. Sunday night will not be any different. His said that he’ll simply bring talent, no tricks necessary. Which I take as a total burn between past Juno hosts Nelly Furtado and Pamela Anderson. I think we should thank our lucky stars it’s not Perez Hilton

And that was it. Before I knew it my first press conference was over. I felt pretty good about it. I got to ask two questions and neither of them were stupid. I asked Hedley what bands they were going to check out this weekend. This misunderstood and unanswered what they thought they heard. I let it slide. I also got to ask Russell Peters if had received any bad advice he has received about hosting. He hasn’t gotten any….yet.
(Regular Q Blog readers will love the fact that when Peters noticed it was my turn to ask a question he pointed me out and referred to me as Moby. Insult or compliment? You decide.)

I was lucky enough to be able to tape the Russell Peters segment of the interview. You can check it out here.

Factoring in hometown pride and the success of my first press conference, I feel pretty confident that this years Junos are really going to be great! Finally.

Mike Morrison