>Juno weekend is off to a solid start. I definitely think some of the best parts of the weekend are going to all the show’s that are taking place all around the city. Most of the time I had no idea who I was watching until we walked it, but with such a range of amazing canadian talent in Vancouver this weekend, it didn’t really matter.

Some of the acts I caught on Friday night were:
David Blair
How can you argue with The Guess Who? “I find David’s songs compelling. They are full of strong intelligent lyrics creating wonderful images and heartfelt moods, all driven by catchy musical hooks with simple but very good arrangements. I am a believer that no one delivers a song quite like the writer and David is singing proof of that.” – DALE RUSSELL – former guitarist/songwriter for THE GUESS WHO

Amanda Morra
“Amanda’s music is a mix of infectious dance hooks, rich R&B undertones and intimate ballads” Plus she’s hot.
Dojo Workhorse
Dojo Workhorse were the only band that I intentionally sought out, which mean they have the dubious honor of becoming an obsession for me. I’ve mentioned the band on this blog before and although they haven’t released their first CD just yet, they are definitely worth listening to on Myspace. Oh and if Dojo’s lead singer Dan Vacon sounds familiar, it’s because he is also the singer of the Calgary based band the Dudes.

Mike Morrison


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