I’m in shock.
I don’t even know if I can write about what I’m about to write about.

Okay….here we go. A Fredericton, New Brunswick (my hometown!) writer is having his books turned into a movie that is going to star none other than The Jonas Brothers.

That’s right Walter the Farting Dog which is co-written by Fredericton born writer Glenn Murray and co-writer Bill Kotzwinkle is going to take Hollywood by storm. Hell, if Beverly Hills Chihuahua can make $78 Million, I’m pretty a movie about a dog with flatulence issues will probably strike it rich!

And yes, it is weird that a book about a farting dog requires TWO writers. But that’s not the point! This is a huge score my hometown which has soooooo many talented writers and performers!

Now, if they are looking to cast a dog with a smell that could make Nick Jonas cry, I’m pretty my dog Moosehead Morrison pretty much fits the bill.

Mike Morrison