Many Canadians are still realing over the loss of the E! Network. For weeks now, our lives have felt empty since The Soup and Chelsea Lately have been taken off the air. No amount of therapy or Fuzion wine can seem to make the pain go away or crying stop.

Okay, I think I may have made things a little personal there.
But things are about to get a little better, emphasis on little bit.
Joel McHale is the host of The Soup and tonight he starts pulling double duty as the star of the new CityTV comedy Community. Check out the preview below. Be warned though, the clip is five minutes long and apparently the whole show is just under twenty, so you are going to probably see all the funny parts in the commercial alone. But still, since there doesn’t seem to be any sign on The Soup and Chelsea Handler coming back to Canada, so we got to take what we can get.

Also returning tonight on CITY TV is Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation!

Mike Morrison